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Welcome to the New Age of Exhibits- Electronic Submission and Presentation in the Courtroom

Due to COVID-19, Family Courts have minimal ability to accept paper copies of exhibits for Evidentiary Hearings or Trials. What does this mean for you? You need to become familiar with updated changes, including providing the Court with electronic exhibits. Today, we’re covering how you can approach electronic submissions and presentations for your legal disputes.

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How Do I Provide Electronic Exhibits for My Legal Case?

Here in Clark County, you’ll need to email the evidence value at After emailing in the evidence, you’ll receive a link that allows for exhibits to be electronically uploaded.

Exhibits for the Plaintiff (the party filing the case) are numbered starting at one and go forward from there up to the last exhibits. Exhibits for the Defendant (the party responding to the case) are lettered starting at A and going forward from there up to the last exhibit. For the Defendant, once you get to Z you start over with AA, BB, CC, etc. The link is only valid for 24 hours so make sure you have prepared for the upload process before requesting the link.

When uploading the exhibits, they get uploaded individually. As you can imagine that the process is very time-consuming. As you upload the exhibits, you have to label them for ease of identification. Besides labeling them, you also must provide a complete exhibit list that is given to the evidence vault for the Judge to use during Trial.

Once everything is uploaded, you send a final email to, which notifies the vault that exhibits have been submitted and provides you with an email confirming receipt of the exhibits. This is an important step in the process and should not be overlooked. There are so many cases going on at one time in Clark County, the vault cannot keep track of each case, and the email can be a valuable tool in case the Judge claims not to have received your exhibits. When preparing exhibits, there is no limit to the number that can be used. However, anything you plan to use must have been previously provided by way of disclosure. This avoids what is referred to as "trial by ambush."

Our previous blogs on topics such as financial disclosures and other mandatory disclosures can help ensure your bases are covered as you proceed with your case. After the upload process is complete to the evidence vault, you remain responsible for getting your exhibits to the Opposing Party or Opposing Counsel.

In most cases, at the Pre-Trial Conference or Calendar Call, the Court gives direction on how to provide exhibits to the other side. However, if this does not happen, then you can inquiry with the Court. A lot of people are using dropbox features or email for providing exhibits to the other side. Finally, you should print a hard copy for yourself to have at Trial of not only your exhibits, but exhibits from the other side. The exhibits you prepare for yourself should be bound and tabbed. You can easily hole punch, put the documents in a binder, and then use simple tables to label letters or numbers so that you can easily access the exhibits at Trial.

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