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Probate is the legal and financial process to take care of a deceased person’s property and settling their affairs. Part of the probate process is proving that a will is valid. However, things are bit different if there is no will to speak of. When there is no will, the process of settling a person’s affairs is called Administration. Overall, these processes work very similarly.

A will almost always has to go through the probate process in Nevada. The rule of thumb is that if the deceased person’s assets is greater than $20,000 or if real estate is involved then you must proceed with probate. If the assets do not exceed $20,000, a person who is entitled to a deceased person’s assets may initiate proceeding 40 days after the death in question. In such cases, court proceedings are not necessary and the person entitled to the assets may use a form called Affidavit of Entitlement to have the assets released.

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When a loved one passes away it can be a difficult process. You are still grieving, but you have to take the necessary next steps to make sure things are properly taken care of. One of these steps is handling the deceased estates, property and assets. Even if you know these things need to be taken care of, it can be difficult to navigate. That is why our team of compassionate probate lawyers in Las Vegas, NV are here for you. Roberts Stoffel Family Law group has the experience you need to make this process as smooth as possible.

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Role of Probate Attorneys in Estate Settlement

A probate lawyer is not required to start the proper proceedings. However, it is highly recommended that you seek legal counsel during this process. An experienced probate attorney in Las Vegas, like the ones at Roberts Stoffel Family Law Group, can help make this process go smoothly. A probate attorney is especially beneficial if disputes arise among creditors or other parties involved. The size of the estate should also influence the decision to hire a probate attorney. The larger an estate the more complicated the proceedings can become.

Services Provided by Our Las Vegas Probate Lawyers:

  • Determining and paying inheritance taxes
  • Identifying all of the assets in question
  • Paying debts and final bills
  • Prepping and filing necessary court documents
  • Making final distributions

Maximizing Benefits with Strategic Estate Planning

Not all estates require extensive documentation to protect assets, however any type of estate planning document makes the probate process simply and easy for any beneficiaries you leave behind.

Our Estate Planning Services Include:

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Advance health care directives
  • Powers of attorney

Local Estate Planning and Probate Guidance in Clark County

We’ll help you determine the best strategies for transferring your assets and real property to the next generation, minimizing estate tax liabilities, outlining your wishes regarding end-of-life care and planning for a time when you may need assistance in caring for yourself. We can also help you update an old estate plan to ensure that it still accomplishes your goals in the context of current estate laws and tax codes.

Prepare a living trust today for peace of mind tomorrow! If you need a Las Vegas probate attorney, the Roberts Stoffel Family Law Group is here to help you navigate any legal needs. Having an estate plan means you can have peace of mind knowing that your loved ones will be taken care of when you pass on.

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Commonly Asked Questions

What is the process of estate administration in Las Vegas when there is no will?

In Las Vegas, when a person passes away without a will, the process is known as Administration. This involves settling the deceased's affairs and distributing their assets according to Nevada's intestacy laws. The process is similar to probate but requires different legal procedures to determine the rightful heirs and distribute assets accordingly. It's important to consult with a probate lawyer in Las Vegas to navigate this process effectively.

How do I know if a deceased person's estate needs to go through probate in Nevada?

In Nevada, an estate must go through the probate process if the deceased person's assets exceed $20,000 or if real estate is involved. If the assets are below this threshold, an Affidavit of Entitlement may be used 40 days after death to release the assets without court proceedings. It's advisable to seek guidance from a Las Vegas probate attorney to understand the specific requirements for your situation.

Why should I consider hiring a probate attorney in Las Vegas?

Hiring a probate attorney in Las Vegas is beneficial for several reasons. They can help ensure the probate or administration process goes smoothly, assist in resolving disputes among creditors or beneficiaries, and manage complex legal tasks. Especially for larger estates, a probate attorney can be invaluable in navigating the intricacies of estate settlement and ensuring compliance with Nevada law.

What estate planning services does Roberts Stoffel Family Law Group offer?

Roberts Stoffel Family Law Group offers a comprehensive range of estate planning services in Las Vegas, including the creation of wills, trusts, advance health care directives, and powers of attorney. These services are designed to simplify the probate process for beneficiaries, minimize estate tax liabilities, and ensure that your end-of-life wishes are respected.

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